An enchanting boat ride through a breathtaking National Reserve and protected mangrove forest, will take you to the always Private & Exclusive Pacific Pearls Lodge. Built within a private coconut plantation extending over kilometers of desolate beach, and 100% solar powered, Pacific Pearls Lodge is ideal for those seeking a truly private, exclusive and peaceful beach getaway. The Lodge is rented to private groups only, i.e. you will Not share the lodge with anyone else outside your group, even if only 2 persons, the entire lodge is yours. This makes for a truly unique & exclusive experience as all services are catered to your group only.

Enjoy swimming and relaxing in our large "Natural" infinity pool filled with lightly salted water sourced from a local well. It is refilled every morning providing you always fresh, never chemically treated, water.

With all the surrounding natural beauty, everyone will surely find a piece of heaven at Pacific Pearls Lodge. Our goal is to create a beach destination where peace seekers, nature lovers, beach, sun and water sports enthusiasts can all fall in love with.


Pacific Pearls Lodge
USA Reservations: (305) 593 8687
Guatemala Reservations: (+502) 3338-8478
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